IoT Alliance Hardware Partner Program

ICONICS delivers the right software, and we’re seeking IoT partners for the right hardware.

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Our Software Powered by Alliance Partner Hardware

IoT Alliance Partners deliver hardware platforms to meet the diverse range of applications of our IoTWorX customers.  Wether your application is for an offshore oil platform, a datacenter, or a cambus building, rest assured that we have a hardware partner for you, and can be your partner in evaluating others.

Ready-to-go communications, combined with high quality partner hardware provide instant connectivity to the cloud, delivering rich visualization, analytics, and mobile applications. ICONICS IoTWorX™ software combined with IoT Alliance Gateway products deliver the ideal solution for edge to cloud solutions for remote asset monitoring and analytics.

Video: Example solution based on Lenovo hardware.

How Does ICONICS Software Work with IoT?

ICONICS customers are looking for IoT solutions that easily connect their high value assets - buildings, machines and manufacturing facilities to the cloud. To address that need, the ICONICS IoTWorX software application suite runs on these recommended IoT gateway devices.

IoTWorX includes onboard industry specific protocols such as OPC, BACnet, Modbus TCP/IP, Web Services, etc., with ready-to-go communications that provide instant connectivity. ICONICS fosters IoT opportunities with IoT Alliance Program Gateway Partners providing integrated solutions for cutting-edge applications in the energy, smart buildings and industrial automation markets. Don’t see the hardware platform you would like to use? Not a problem.  You can recommend additional platforms by sending an email to

IoT Alliance Benefits

ICONICS works with IoT Alliance Program Partners to deliver a variety of hardware platform options for your IoT gateway applications. We invite hardware platform companies that that will work with you to create and deploy IoTWorX based solutions to meet your unique application. The ICONICS IoT Alliance Program offers benefits including:

Ready-to-use IoT gateway with pre-installed industrial protocols

ICONICS is an expert in industrial automation protocols, both with organic developments of BACnet, MODBUS, MQTT, SNMP and others, as well as through a strategic partnership with one of the leading protocol providers, Takebishi.

Market pull-through to boost your IoT gateway sales

Our customers leverage IoTWorX Gateway software capabilities to deliver asset management, energy monitoring, and more. We work with customers to identify the most appropriate hardware platform, thus bringing opportunities to our IoT Alliance Partners.

Edge analytics and visualization

Edge analytics, alarming and notification, and user developed dashboards are just some of the unique capabilities supported within the IoTWorX and Alliance Partner Gateway solutions. From monitoring a few remote assets to monitoring hundreds of remote assets, we'll work with you to craft the right solution.

Be able to sell industry specific-solutions from ICONICS

The IoTWorX Gateway solution delivers onsite monitoring, alarming, analytics and visualization, and combined with cloud connectivity, provides additional analytics and remote management for every conceivable market and application. 

Support on the IoT gateway for custom device driver development

While we deliver one of the broadest arrays of communications, there is always room for an additional protocol or protocol customization.  Our team is ready to support you.

Secure real-time site-to-cloud communications

ICONICS has received the IEC 62443 Part 4-1 standard certification by TÜV SÜD. We also leverage the latest technologies from cloud providers for the highest standards of cyber security, so our customers can rest assured that their data and sytstems are secured. 

What are IoTWorX Ready Devices?

We have pre-selected these as quality platforms to support our IoTWorX software, based on industry reputation and previous experience. Our software is designed for Linux and Docker to facilitate easy deployment. Our architecture is designed for central, cloud-based management of your IoT Gateways. You can ship a device on-site and provision it from the Cloud (or other). As for the device, we'll work with you to select the perfect platform, from these preferred partners or another of your choice, to meet your unique application. Our device partners make the selection easy, but if you need something special, we can help there too.

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Is Your Device Compatible?

Want to learn if your IoT Device is compatible with ICONICS IoTWorX? Check out our IoT Specification Sheet for requirements and details.

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