Additional Tools & Add-ons

ICONICS provides additional tools for users to incorporate reporting, data bridging, and multimedia alarming into automation applications.

AlarmWorX™64 Multimedia (MMX) is a complete and comprehensive OPC-based alarm management application with a distributed, enterprise-wide alarm notification system that delivers real-time alarm information directly to the user. Leverage email, pager, fax, voice, text-to-speech, and phone to alert users subscribed to an application.


The BridgeWorX™64 service provides the latest 64-bit data bridging technology for ICONICS products. Graphical data bridging enables users to rapidly implement data orchestration and integration tasks that adhere to business logic without requiring programming. BridgeWorX64 can access Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SAP, and virtually any real-time or archived manufacturing or business data source.


ReportWorX™64 is a powerful reporting tool that turns volumes of data into manufacturing intelligence. ReportWorX64 empowers users to create reports using data integrated from any source within any system. Connect to data from the plant floor, corporate databases, and everywhere in between via OPC, OPC UA, BACnet, Modbus, and SNMP. ReportWorX64 can also retrieve data from Hyper Historian, AlarmWorX64, IoTWorX, and other ICONICS data sources. Based on scalable Microsoft .NET technology, ReportWorX64 populates data in report spreadsheets using the power of Microsoft Excel. Its advanced scheduling engine delivers reports automatically via the web, from an HMI screen, or based on user-specified criteria.


ICONICS provides OPC-to-the-Core™ solutions ranging from a suite of OPC servers and clients to a toolkit for developing OPC Servers. ICONICS is a charter member of the OPC Foundation and has assisted over the years with creation of OPC standards, development of the OPC Foundation sample code, and participating and hosting OPC Interop testing. Currently, ICONICS serves on the board of directors for the foundation.