DeviceGateway OPC Server on Docker

DeviceGateway OPC Server on Docker is a Linux based OPC Server solution delivered for use in a Docker Container.

Achieve Connectivity on All Your Devices

Today, we are seeing both embedded computers as well as automation products, such as PLCs, with the ability to support Docker Images. If your hardware is capable of running Docker images, then DeviceGateway OPC Server on Docker is the solution for you and can deliver connectivity to a broad range of devices.

What is Docker?

A Docker container is a lightweight and standalone execution environment that packages software and its dependencies, allowing it to run consistently across different computing environments. It utilizes containerization technology to isolate applications from the underlying system and provides a standardized and portable environment for software deployment.

A Docker container includes everything needed to run an application, such as the code, runtime, system tools, libraries, and settings, all bundled together in a single package. DeviceGateway OPC Server on Docker is a solution that can be quickly installed and run.


Get Data from Your Devices

DeviceGateway OPC Server on Docker is available for use with the ICONICS IoTWorX Embedded Gateway solution, to give IoTWorX connectivity to over 70 vendor protocols to over 170 device types. Configuration of DeviceGateway OPC Server on Docker is accomplished through a Web Portal configuration interface. When used with ICONICS IoTWorX, licensing is handled through the standard ICONICS License. DeviceGateway OPC Server is also available for OEM licensing and use as a Docker image for connectivity to other third party OPC Clients.

About Client Connectivity


This is a communication standard which is certified as international standard ‘IEC62541’. It provides HTTP and TCP/IP communication, binary and XML encoding function, and the provisions against eavesdropping and spoofing with installed authentication / encryption.


This is a lightweight protocol suitable for M2M and IoT. It supports one-to-many communication and can be installed in small devices such as sensors. It is a communication standard which can operate at high-speed and high-capacity, while conserving power.

Find Out if Your Device is Compatible with DeviceGateway

DeviceGateway OPC Server on Docker works with over 70 vendor protocols to give connectivity to over 170 device types. Interested in getting started with DeviceGateway? Get in touch with one of our team members who can help you develop the optimal IoT solution for your project.