Manufacturing Execution Systems

Bridge the gap between manufacturing systems and automation.

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What is a Manufacturing Execution System?

Most modern plants use a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to manage and monitor work in progress on the factory floor. MES solutions involve system control systems that rely on up-to-date info to provide a snapshot of the current state of products being manufactured. In regulated industries, it is also the repository for critical lot and process data.

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How It Works

An MES needs to be fed information from the plant floor pertaining to the current state of the product lots as they move through the process. In modern automated plants, this info normally resides within the manufacturing equipment itself. The aim is to automatically bridge the existing gap between a plant MES and automated systems.

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Benefits of ICONICS MES-Integrated Solutions

  • Fast, Intuitive Graphical Workflow Designer

    Develop transaction workflows using highly intuitive graphical tools. Use the function block graphical designer to connect multiple data sources as well as define, calculate and implement business rules.

  • Data Mine Any Real-Time Data Source

    Utilize a large collection of function block data connectors to data mine sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, plant historian, OPC and more.

  • Powerful Transaction Workflow Scheduler

    Schedule transactions and workflows based on periodic time and date, OPC tags, Alarms and Events, database values, file attributes and more.

  • Seamlessly Orchestrate Historical Data Integration

    Leverage the graphical workflow designer to move ICONICS Hyper Historian data to and from any data source for in-depth analysis of high-speed historical data.

  • Centralized Unified Data Manager

    Access and modify all transaction parameters from a centralized location. Configure scheduling triggers and create expressions for reuse in other applications.

  • Real-Time OPC Compliance

    Data-mine OPC data, OPC alarms and events, and historical data in real time.

How ICONICS MES-Integrated Solutions Work for Your Industry

  • MES for Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage industry applications generate a large amount of data along the manufacturing line. ICONICS automation software paired with MES can make the best use of captured data to make key informed decisions.

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  • MES for Manufacturing

    By now, most global manufacturers have implemented or considered MES. Gathering process-related data is the first step. The next step is to use automation software to best analyze and utilize valuable accumulated data.

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  • MES for Materials and Mining

    The Materials and Mining industry uses MES where repeatable processes can be measured for quality and productivity. ICONICS automation software can tie into such systems to provide dashboards for critical decision making.

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  • MES for Automotive

    MES can help standardize the multiple processes and machinery within Automotive industry operations. Used with ICONICS automation software, the combined solutions help to improve product quality and productivity, as well as lower costs.

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  • MES for Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas industry companies utilize MES in order to measure, and respond to, process-related data. ICONICS MES-integrated automation software takes that generated data and uses it for visualization, analysis, and more.

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  • MES for Pharmaceutical

    MES is a common technology in Pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. A large amount of process data is carried through each production step. ICONICS provides correlated automation software that uses that data for additional benefit.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Intuitive  •  Easy  •  Responsive

    KPIWorX is a self-service dashboard. Predefine your dashboards, or let your users create their own. Display your data in easy to use charts, tables, and symbols. Configure using drag-and-drop. Filter and sort on the fly. View your dashboards in any HTML5 browser from wall displays to phones and anything in between.

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  • Versatile  •  Integrated  •  Timely

    Schedule and run powerful reports with ReportWorX64. Design templates in Excel and leverage Excel formulas, charts, and formatting. See live data directly in the template, then schedule the report to be delivered to your mailbox right when you need them. Trigger reports on demand from your HMI, in response to system alerts, when records appear in your database, and more. Report on a wide variety of data sources, from OPC UA, databases, BACnet, SNMP, web services, and beyond.

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  • Flexible  •  Drag-and-drop  •  Powerful

    Bridge your data with BridgeWorX64. Connect to a huge variety of data sources, including OPC UA, web services, custom databases, and more. Visualize and create your transactions in an easy to use flow chart format. Make your data work for you!

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