Put your HMI/SCADA in your pocket, on your wrist, or bring it to life with mobile and augmented reality solutions.

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What Can Mobile Solutions Do for You?

By 2020, there will be over six billion wireless smart devices deployed around the world. Mobile HMI solutions integrate tablets, phones, wearable devices, and voice-activated systems to provide instant notifications and remote access to real-time information. The advent of location-aware augmented reality and responsive design using voice activated apps allows operators, engineers, and managers to have access to the right automation information at their fingertips.

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How Data Mobility Solutions Work

The same control screens that can be configured via ICONICS GraphWorX64™ data visualization tool to be used on PCs and laptops can be customized for access via a wide variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. These devices can then utilize ICONICS MobileHMI™ enterprise mobile applications in order to view instant KPIs and alerts at any time, from anywhere.

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Benefits of Data Mobility Solutions with ICONICS

  • Available on Any Mobile Device

    MobileHMI allows organizations to place process monitoring and control in the hands of operators, wherever they may be, using popular smartphones, tablets, or wearables.

  • KPIWorX™ Integration

    ICONICS data mobility solutions integrate with KPIWorX™, which delivers secure self-service executive dashboards with real-time and historical data, alarms, drag-and-drop KPIs and powerful AnalytiX-BI tools.

  • Responsive User Interface

    ICONICS data mobility solutions feature responsive design. GraphWorX64 and the Workbench allow for quick display creation for both desktop machines and mobile devices.

  • Augmented Reality with Location Services

    ICONICS data mobility solutions include ‘Location Services’ that provide AR features via mobile clients and integrate with QR, GPS, NFC, OCR, and Barcodes technology.

  • Notifications Where and When Required

    ICONICS data mobility solutions help make sure that users can receive needed information as quickly as possible and can respond just as rapidly.

  • Ready for What’s Next

    ICONICS works with hardware manufacturers to integrate its data mobility software. The company continuously devotes research and development efforts to working with the latest mobile devices.

Data Mobility Solutions for Your Industry

  • Data Mobility for Oil and Gas

    ICONICS data mobility solutions provide quick, system-wide visibility into tank farms, custody transfer, pipelines, drilling, well automation and production, reducing the need for dedicated HMIs and panels.

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  • Data Mobility for Building Automation

    Facilities benefit from improved comfort, efficiency and sustainability while reducing energy costs. ICONICS Data Mobility solutions provide access to vital energy data and detailed building information from any mobile device.

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  • Data Mobility for Food and Beverage

    Remote KPI accessibility and quick alarm condition responses are benefits to using a data mobility solution within Food and Beverage applications, especially in order to prevent loss in large batch operations.

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  • Data Mobility for Manufacturing

    ICONICS data mobility solutions enable access to KPIs at the equipment level while also allowing a secure overview of plant and enterprise-wide production, OEE and downtime metrics.

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  • Data Mobility for Materials and Mining

    The Materials and Mining industries involve multiple mobile employees, vehicles and equipment. Generated data requires a solution that can help share process information within, and between, work sites around the world.

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  • Data Mobility for Automotive

    Automotive industry applications are tailor-made for data mobility solutions. Processes such as parts assembly, testing, painting and more, take place in multiple locations, requiring secure data and procedure status access from anywhere.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Responsive  •  Mobile  •  Connected

    MobileHMI is a full HMI/SCADA solution designed for use on mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, HDTVs, and other web connected devices. It leverages HTML5 technology to deliver your dashboards and displays to any glass. Easy to set up and simple to deploy, MobileHMI can bring your business data to your hand anytime, anywhere.

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  • Intuitive  •  Easy  •  Responsive

    KPIWorX is a self-service dashboard. Predefine your dashboards, or let your users create their own. Display your data in easy to use charts, tables, and symbols. Configure using drag-and-drop. Filter and sort on the fly. View your dashboards in any HTML5 browser from wall displays to phones and anything in between.

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