Mr. Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales goes over eight highlights of the new 10.97.1 release.

Video Transcript

[0:00] Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales

I want to start to close this segment. I know we're a little bit over time, but with some highlights on the release we have coming up in November: the 10.9 7.1. It sounds like a really minor release, but we keep packing more and more features in to make the product more scalable and better and really better value for everybody. So, I want to call out eight new features. We talked about Hyper Alarming, so it's a Hyper Alarm Server, Hyper Alarm Logger. That's 10.97.1 with a Hyper Alarm Logger; Energy AnalytiX which has major enhancements to the user interface, to the data model to drill down Energy AnalytiX out of the box; BACnet SC - secure conductivity. This is a huge step function in the building automation community; you're going to be hearing a lot about BACnet SC if you're in the smart buildings or building space; fully integrated, fully supports the standard HTML5 in 3D graphics. You saw Chris present that in technical preview works. It's not the entire full function. You don't have other lighting and shading and some of these other capabilities; MQTT Sparkplug B: So, this is a message broker architecture; we're supporting it in our version 10.97.1. This message broker architecture and MQTT generally are becoming very important as we look at more efficient ways of managing distributed systems.

Melco Connector: we've added a number of new connectivity methods. We've added connectivity to the GOT, to the soft GOT; with OPC UA, of course, we were one of the first on OPC UA. Now in 10.97.1 we're providing OPC UA on Docker. This is designed for the Linux platform, so go directly in IoTWorX and scaled for the future as we look at more Docker based technologies and Kubernetes in the future. So really great to see all of those 200 or so different control devices and connectivity right there on the Linux platform with IoTWorX and CFSWorX: we've added a number of features there. I talked about some of them earlier. Some remote notification with SendinBlue and Azure and SMS service, now which is big in a number of industries like data centers, for instance, Maximo, which is a huge for CMMS. We now can connect to FDDWorX, not just alarms. CFSWorX continues to develop. Of course, all of these things are going to be illustrated this afternoon in our sessions.