Mr. Paul Carter ICONICS Mid-Atlantic Business Development Manager and Mr. Ryan Legg Mid-Central Business Development Manager host the Innovative Technologies Keynote Wrap Up by going over the highlights of the session.

Video Transcript

[0:00] Ryan Legg ICONICS Mid-Central Business Development Manager

Thank you very much, Mark. I appreciate the transition there. And, boy, a lot of content there. That was a heck of a session; there's more stuff in there than we'll ever be able to get covered. We're going on lunch break now, but Paul, and I just wanted to wrap up a few things here before that. Mark had answered the very simple question, “Why ICONICS?” And we had a slide up, and there are various different reasons. We can talk about a few of those here, Paul. I'll jump in and start. We talked about the scriptless HTML5 Thin Client technology.

[0:46] Paul Carter

And also, the new capability edit HTML5 and the upcoming release with the 3D visualization. And a lot of people may question: Why 3D? Those types of things. And there are some really good applications for 3D. Well, we saw a great demo; one of the things that I've had some customers do is piping diagrams. So, you take a chiller plant, and that's a very complicated piping diagram. Or if you’ve ever looked at a two dimensional process diagram, there's no correlation between what the process diagram looks like and what the physical equipment looks like. And with 3D, we can bring that digital twin; the real world is the same as the software world, the digital world. So really powerful addition in now with HTML5. That's going to be really great.

[1:32] Ryan Legg

Yeah, absolutely. The scalability, we've heard that all the way from the edge to the cloud. Another key factor. The augmented reality.

[1:44] Paul Carter 

That was kind of an interesting little demo.

[1:46] Ryan Legg

Yeah, just scanning the PLC and being able to see it right there. 

[1:51] Paul Carter

I think when the use of hands free tablets becomes more popular, whether it's something like HoloLens or the Real Wear device, those types of augmented reality functions will make maintenance people that much more capable. And I think those will be wonderful.

[2:06] Ryan Legg

Some cool things coming for sure. How about building your own self-service dashboards? I mean very user friendly there; I mean that this is stuff that the user can do themselves, not something has to be built in from the original system integrator or the original equipment manufacturer. 

[2:24] Paul Carter 

And the fast deployment of dashboards, as Chris Elsbree showed us, using the cloning function, which I'm sure we'll talk more about, but that's a fabulous feature.

[2:31] Ryan Legg

Yeah, we talked about the geo skate a little bit. Yes, very cool. The Hyper Historian; this was a topic came up with very high speed historian over was the speeds I got 100,000 tags per second.

[2:46] Paul Carter 

It's incredible. In the end, we've changed redefined big data to massive data. 

[2:54] Ryan Legg

Fault detection and diagnostics.

[2:58] Paul Carter

Yes. And fault detection has historically been used in buildings, but I think we're going to see that there are more and more opportunities in the industrial environment. Absolutely. A couple that together with the Data Acuity presentation and talk about exposing what's going on in manufacturing plants.

[3:13] Ryan Legg

OEE is a very key factor for manufacturers. We heard about the new hyper alarming for him from Luke Gonyea.

[3:20] Paul Carter

We introduced Hyper Alarming Logger which will be out next month with the version 10.97.1. functionality, so that's going to be fantastic. Another thing that Mark had on his list was the ability to do redundancy. The Hyper Alarming function improves our redundancy capability in the alarming side, so we can support full redundant applications for mission critical systems. Mark mentioned mission critical. Obviously, everything that ICONICS is doing is built on 64 bit technology, and that does a lot of things. It opens up the capability of the servers and the hardware that it's running on. But it also brings to us, which we'll hear more about this afternoon, much better ability to offer secure applications. You almost can't secure nowadays a 32 bit application, but you can have better security with 64 bit technology. It’s all in the name: GENESIS64.

[4:15] Ryan Legg

Universal connectivity. IoT ready. He talked about some new things coming like Sparkplug B, this is something some customers I'm working with are starting to ask about.

[4:32] Paul Carter

And one of the things that ran through the entire morning presentation is how dependent this whole concept of developing by assets becomes and all the ways that things plug into assets. And if we think back 10 years ago, we never developed applications by assets. This has been a real sea change in building these advanced applications; the use of assets is really incredible.

[4:56] Ryan Legg 

Integrated alerting. We're talking about the alarms, everything we want to know when these alarms happen. We have integrated for SMS messaging or email alerts. And the cool thing about this, it's built into our platform. But we can also interface with other people's products.

[5:16] Paul Carter

And then we have the added function of CFSWorX which makes it that much more powerful. So the integration of Building Information Modeling was added; they call it BIM. That was talked about a little bit about today. So that's a nice capability. And being a Microsoft partner, we are always maintaining compatibility with Microsoft operating systems, including things like Windows 10. And I think Microsoft introduced Windows 11, so that'll be the next thing for engineers to work on. Make sure that whatever we're doing there, we sure will be on top of it.

[5:51] Ryan Legg

Absolutely. A devoted Microsoft partner.

[5:57] Paul Carter 

So really, a long list of reasons for why ICONICS; we've got a great set of capabilities and features. And again, going back to a little thing we talked about in the previous newsroom. Where does your imagination go? Well, what can you do with all these tools? And how can these be leveraged to help you obtain the things that are important to your operation? 

[6:22] Ryan Legg

Well said Paul, and with that said, I think we're going to take a lunch break now. So, those who are online, grab some lunch and we will see you in a little bit. 

[6:31] Paul Carter

During the next 30 minutes or so, there'll be a video playing, so if you want to sit in front of your computer, then have at it and watch the video loop through and then we'll be back in about 30 minutes and we'll get the afternoon sessions kicked off. Thank you all. We really appreciate your participation in Connect 2021! Thanks!