Mr. Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales introduces Mr. Jim Desrosiers the President and Founder of Data Acuity and introduces the video in which Mr. Desrosiers explains what kind of company Data Acuity is and explains what the company does.

Video Transcript

[0:00] Mark Hepburn ICONICS Vice President of Global Sales

I'd like to introduce one of our Gold Certified systems integrators as Data Acuity Inc. Mr. Jim Desrochers is the president and founder Data Acuity. He's known ICONICS for quite a while; in fact, he worked for ICONICS back in 1998/1999 and has since spent the balance of his 30 year career determining how to help customers to get the acuity, that pointed information, from their data. Would you mind rolling the video just so Jim could self-introduce and then Jimmy can come up on stage.

[0:54] Jim Desrosiers President and Founder of Data Acuity, Inc.

Data Acuity is an automation software company that focuses on manufacturing efficiency, energy efficiency, and the efficient delivery of support to automation systems. We are recognized as an expert in the integration of complex automation systems with data structures. For us the key word is focus. Our technologies and services are designed to focus our customers resources on the areas in which they can gain the greatest amount of efficiency.