Mr. Jotham Kildea ICONICS Solution Sales Engineering Supervisor provides a quick breakdown of the aspects to consider when connecting remote workers and how to get started and what to keep in mind on this journey.

Video Transcript

[0:00] Mr. Jotham Kildea ICONICS Solution Sales Engineering Supervisor

I want to give a quick breakdown on how to connect remote workers. Where do to get started? Some things to keep in mind is to think about what you want the experience to be. What is the interface supposed to be like? Right? Different people have different needs out of their jobs. Some are going to be busier with their hands all days. Other times they can access the thing while they're in the car, but not when they go to the site. What sort of information do they need to make the decisions? And what sort of decisions should be made from the field versus what should be made on site? Think about how remote workers are going to interact with the data. Plan for deployment in advance; think about what you want to do for security considerations. And you want to design the system? 


Before you start, of course, consult with users. I can't stress enough that a successful project will take into consideration what the actual users and the operators are expecting or want to see out of the system; you may have misunderstood what they actually need out in the field. So, talk to them; see what they want to do. And then for getting started, a lot of what we're talking about for connectivity for remote workers can be built and layered upon existing systems. We're not talking about throwing out and reinventing the wheel here. These are enhancements to solutions that are already there today but just bring them out to the people that are wherever they are. Pilot applications are a good way to get started. Take a portion of the workforce and say, “Hey, let's try this out for a few months to see if this going to work?” Let's take that feedback and redesign for the eventual full rollout. And always plan big but think small as far as what you actually want to do and what steps you can take to get that going?