Melissa Topp, Senior Director of Global Marketing at ICONICS serves up questions from the audience to session presenters, Mr. Zhi Wei Li, Director of Innovation and Engineering at ICONICS, and Mr. Dean Tallman, CIO of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Video Transcript

[0:00] Melissa Topp, Senior Director of Global Marketing

Dean, if you could join us back on stage, we’ve definitely got some questions for you as well. Alright, first one is for Zhi: Can Energy AnalytiX be added to an existing ICONICS system?

[0:22] Zhi Wei Li

Absolutely. Absolutely. We designed the product, knowing that it's an additive process where people would want to connect to data, see some of that, and then add the Energy AnalytiX part later, so it's designed exactly to be able to add on to an existing GENESIS64 system.

[0:42] Melissa Topp

Awesome. This one's for Dean: As you introduce some of this new technology to your members. Are you getting any pushback from tenured engineers who are resistant to change? [A little bit.] A little bit? Tell us more?

[0:58] Dean Tallman

Well, it's disruptive to them, right? They've been doing things the same way for years and years. But for the most part, the prospect of keeping up with things and keeping your career going is a high motivator.

[1:16] Melissa Topp

Very cool. Back to Zhi here: Are there any limitations to the kinds of energy sources Energy AnalytiX can consume and analyze?

[1:29] Zhi Wei Li

No, no. The product is designed very flexibly. The common types of energy sources we're familiar with, but if you have something that's custom or something that is outside of the normal stuff, you can still configure it. It's very flexible, it’s very configurable. So there are no built-in limitations that we expect to only have certain types of energy sources. You can monitor and aggregate and calculate anything you want.

[2:01] Melissa Topp

Nice. One more for you, Zhi, then. A follow-up there. Can Energy AnalytiX data, can it be cross correlated with other non-energy data like occupancy, time of day, etc.?

[2:18] Zhi Wei Li

Yeah, and we understand that that's where the insight comes from. A key part of the Energy AnalytiX product is to be able to cross correlate to normalize the energy based on weather, based on square footage, based on occupancy. So that's a core function of the product itself.

[2:38] Melissa Topp

Thanks Zhi. And one more for Dean. You said that you started using ICONICS dashboards as part of your advanced classes. How are they being received?

[2:50] Dean Tallman

It's funny, I just got an email from the control engineer for Citi Field where the Mets play. It was a very good one, and he was very happy with it. He said it’s one of the best classes he had; very informative, and oddly enough, Nasser was the instructor. So, it all seems to be working.

[3:09] Melissa Topp

That's great stuff. I think that's it for the questions that we got. So, thank you, to those of you who submitted questions out there in the audience. Zhi, any closing words to wrap things up?

[3:22] Zhi Wei Li

Let's get sustainable!

[3:24] Melissa Topp

Thank you, everybody.