Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Version 6.3.0 Available for Download

Version 6.3.0 of Takebishi's DeviceXPlorer OPC Server for ICONICS Suite is now available for download.

Press Release | Published: 7/9/2021
Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server is a leading OPC server software suite that provides connectivity with control devices in manufacturing, factory automation, and operations environments with equipment such as PLCs, machine tools, and robots. It provides communication functions with multiple devices via a variety of network technology and helps to bridge data to various applications. Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server supports OPC UA, DA, AE, and SuiteLink Interface, and can connect to over 200 device types.

A new version of DeviceXPlorer, version 6.3.0 is now available for download. It contains several fixes and enhancements. See the included readme file for more details.

To download the new version, visit the Customer Connection Portal, log in, then proceed to Support > Software Updates. Version 6.3.0 is compatible with ICONICS Suite 10.96.2 and 10.97.

Contact your local ICONICS sales representative or distributor for pricing of the Takebishi DeviceXPlorer OPC Server.