Gmail Updates Require ICONICS Software Reconfiguration

Changes to Gmail have caused incompatibilities with ICONICS software that include CFSWorX, AlertWorX and AlarmWorX64 Multimedia products. To restore compatibility, use an “app password” or upgrade in order to configure OAuth 2.0.

Security Update | Published: 7/19/2022
As of May 30, 2022, Google no longer supports the use of third-party apps that ask you to sign in using only your username and password. This changes the way ICONICS applications such as CFSWorX, AlertWorX, or AlarmWorX64 Multimedia need to authenticate with Gmail accounts.

This means that as of May 30, ICONICS systems configured to send email with Gmail may no longer work without changes. Alerts will not be sent unless users take action.

To configure your system to send email using Gmail, users have two options. They can either use an “app password” or they can configure OAuth 2.0. The steps in ICONICS Knowledgebase article KB-3900 will guide users through these solutions.

Note that as of today, ICONICS Suite supports either OAuth 2.0 or the app password, but not both. We plan to support an option to toggle between these solutions in future updates.

For users who prefer to use OAuth 2.0 instead of an app password, they must use a version of ICONICS Suite that supports OAuth 2.0 for SMTP connections. OAuth 2.0 functionality was added in these versions and Critical Fixes Rollups:
  • 10.97.2 (supports OAuth 2.0 only)
  • 10.97.1 Critical Fixes Rollup 3 (supports OAuth 2.0 only)
  • 10.97 Critical Fixes Rollup 4 (coming soon, will support both)
ICONICS is working on releasing these Critical Fixes Rollups to deliver OAuth 2.0 functionality. In the meantime, users who cannot upgrade are encouraged to use the app password solution, which does not require a software upgrade.

Critical Fixes Rollups can be downloaded from the Customer Connection Portal. Rollups are cumulative, so later iterations of these rollups will include the same update for this issue.

Any ICONICS software that sends emails is affected by this issue, including:
  • AlertWorX and CFSWorX
  • AlarmWorX64 Multimedia and AlarmWorX32 Multimedia
  • ReportWorX64 and ReportWorX email redirector
  • BridgeWorX64 and BridgeWorX email activity 
Please note that ICONICS has no plans to add OAuth 2.0 functionality to 32-bit products at this time, however customers should be able to use the app password solution.

Users can contact ICONICS Technical Support with questions about this change.