ICONICS Awarded Foremost Industrial Level of Security 

ICONICS receives IEC 62443 Part 4-1 standard certification by TÜV SÜD for its product development lifecycle. The IEC 62443 Part 4-1 standard addresses security processes across the entire supply chain and applies to overall security programs and processes connected to the development of the relevant components and control systems. 

Press Release | Published: 3/9/2023

IEC 62443-4-1 Certification by TÜV SÜD Denotes ICONICS Software Meets the Strictest Security Standards 

Foxborough, MA – March 9, 2023 – ICONICS proudly announces its IEC 62443 Part 4-1 standard certification for its product development lifecycle. This certification by TÜV SÜD denotes secure product development and was based on a thorough assessment of ICONICS’ capabilities and expertise, security of third-party components, process and quality assurance, secure architecture and design, and issue handling as well as security updates, patches, and change management. The IEC 62443 Part 4-1 standard addresses security processes across the entire supply chain. As such, it applies to overall security programs and processes connected to the development of the relevant components and control systems.

To ensure comprehensive protection of industrial plants from internal and external cyber-attacks, TÜV SÜD’s approach offers defense throughout all levels, or “defense in depth”. This concept is in accordance with the recommendations of ISA99 / IEC 62443, the leading standard for security in industrial applications.

As an Industrial Controls System software supplier, ICONICS is continuously improving its products and solutions regarding industrial security. With this certification based on IEC 62443-4-1, ICONICS reinforces its "Secure by Design" approach for its suite of software products and is giving integrators, operators, and end users transparent insight into its IT security measures. Moreover, with this certification, system integration partners and end users can confidently use ICONICS software knowing that it incorporates the "Defense in Depth" protection concept.

“Holding true to our serious and continued commitment to security, ICONICS is honored to have obtained the IEC 62443-4-1 certification from TÜV SÜD,” says Ted Hill, President and CEO of ICONICS, stating further, “This certification is highly significant. With increasing cyber-attacks, it is critical for companies that use our software to feel secure against the industrial threat landscape.

Dr Fabian Schober, CEO of TÜV SÜD Americas Inc., adds, “Effective cyber resilience requires the commitment and leadership of everyone within an organization; an undertaking that must be institutionalized and maintained. We were excited to work with ICONICS, a Mitsubishi Electric group company, to help them reinforce their commitment to the cybersecurity of their products and their adherence to the strictest standards. Our team worked with the ICONICS cyber teams in the US, Italy, and the Czech Republic, underscoring their clear understanding that effective cybersecurity must be part of a global strategy and leadership. I would like to congratulate ICONICS on the achievement of this certification.

About the IEC 62443 Standard 

The IEC 62443 standard is comprised of a series of documents handling the IT security of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). The term IACS represents all elements such as systems, components, and processes which are required for the secure operation of an automated production system. By specifically focusing on industrial applications, IEC 62443 also clearly sets itself apart from ISO 27001 which instead deals with traditional IT systems. The international series of standards IEC 62443 define the security measures for industrial automation systems, with Part 4-1 of the standard describing the requirements of the manufacturer's development process.

About TÜV SÜD America, Inc.

TÜV SÜD America, Inc. was one of the first companies to provide IEC 62443 certification. Worldwide suppliers and system integrators partnered with TÜV SÜD to confirm their compliance to applicable process requirements as laid out in the standard. With a team of highly specialized experts, TÜV SÜD America, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of TIC services that address the cybersecurity of industrial software, components, and equipment. The company has been working with its clients all over the world for years to make their digital journeys successful and effective. Their experts’ relentless commitment to instill safe operations across industries means that the TÜV SÜD certification mark has become a globally renowned symbol for safety, security, and trust.


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