Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, of Madison, Wisconsin, processes about 42 million gallons of wastewater per day. They serve Madison and surrounding communities covering 184 square miles and 380,000 people. Organized as a municipal corporation, the district is a leader in sustainability and resource reclamation. 

As seen in our Connect 2020 virtual session, “Madison Water Uses ICONICS to Optimize Operations,” Madison’s previous SCADA system, which was implemented 30 years ago, was obsolete and unable to keep up with their needs. They came to ICONICS in search of something that could not only translate their old system into the new system, but also be flexible and scalable. With so many platform options, ICONICS wasn’t Madison’s only choice for an automation software vendor, but after seeing the impressive suite of solutions and product demos, they were easily convinced to move forward. 

“So why did we choose ICONICS?” said Matthew Erbs, Senior Automation System Integrator, from Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. “We had a demo of the ICONICS software, as well as a few other vendors. The ICONICS demo was great. It got set up in time. It was fast, and it did everything we wanted it to do.” 

Erbs continues to say that one of the things he personally likes about the system is that it's a very open architecture, so it allows you to be very creative and flexible. Another bonus, the cost of the system was in their budget. 

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District's previous, outdated SCADA system dashboard.

Remote Access 

Having the ability to safely gain real-time access to their systems remotely benefits Madison because it empowers their workforce with timely communication and information, whether they are in the field or at home. This accessibility from using ICONICS WebHMI™ has increased efficiency, safety, and productivity. 

System Customization

With such a sizeable system, Madison’s operators had been getting overwhelmed with data that sometimes wasn’t relevant to their role. Our HMI/SCADA solution, GENESIS64™, solved this, with the ability to send those different data streams in different directions and, in turn, to the appropriate field workers. 

Accessible Historical Data

Madison’s operators were also challenged with retrieving data from different sources, which was negatively impacting their efficiency. With ICONICS solutions, the dashboard is accessible and easy to navigate, and data is quick to retrieve. Operators can simply click a button to view historical data surrounding an event and not switch screens or have to dig through irrelevant data. With the added bonus of mini-trends from GENESIS64, Madison can effortlessly access, compare, and export trends.

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District's updated dashboard from ICONICS.

Connecting Systems 

Madison’s need to quickly connect to external systems like their CMMS database was easily handled by the ICONICS Suite, which allows them to reference work orders and history all from one location. This eliminates the extra step of using multiple systems and accelerates operator deployment and maintenance.

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District has been using ICONICS solutions for over seven years now to optimize and have tighter control over their operations. See how ICONICS automation software solutions can benefit your water and wastewater application. Download a trial today!