In case you have not seen it yet, ICONICS Institute is our new free online learning platform designed to help you build your skills across the full spectrum of ICONICS software. With plans to continuously expand our library with additional units on different topics and areas, this project encompasses contributions from a team of people drawn from our Training, Solution Sales, and Applications Engineering groups around the world. You can now learn how to develop your skills in advanced visualization and control solutions, with ICONICS software, from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

The ICONICS Institute will equip you with the knowledge of how to use ICONICS software through guided video tutorials, narrated by our software experts. Our videos are divided into easy-to-follow courses that teach all the relevant skills for a given topic from start to finish. The training videos are recommended for technical personnel, from System Integrators to end users, and can be used at the start of an installation or for more advanced tips and tricks. 

This project actually kicked off internally several months ago, so I am very excited to be able to share these videos with the world now. When planning the structure for this online learning platform, we had a few objectives in mind:
  • Each topic should be short and to the point. We know that our audience is busy, and by having concise videos, we hope that they can be a quick solution to a problem you are facing, or a series that you can pick up briefly when you have a moment to spare.
  • We are creating these videos for a technically adept audience. These videos shouldn’t be about selling you on the software, but rather on teaching you how to use it well so you can get the most out of it. The focus of the videos should be to make sure the viewer comes away knowing the important aspects of using any given module.
  • The library of topics should build upon one another, but still allow you to drop in at any point. If you are completely new to the software, we would recommend starting from the beginning and working from there. We also know there are a lot of veteran users who are familiar with the basics. As much as possible, we try to minimize the reliance on prior knowledge in any given topic, so if you are in need of a quick answer for your question, you can drop in and get it answered without a lot of searching.

In the ICONICS Institute, you will find that we organized the information into Units, which each contain several Sections, which, in turn, contain several topics. In this way, you can quickly drill down into the topic you are seeking to learn more about. 

Our current line-up includes units on Data Connectivity, Dashboard Visualization, Asset Organization, Data Historian, Alarming & Notifications, Helper Modules, and Automated Transactions. This already amounts to a little over 150 topics available today, but we are just getting started. Close behind these, on the schedule for release, are topics covering Client Technologies, Reporting, Fault Detection and Diagnostics, Project Management, and Security.

Ultimately, the goal is for the ICONICS Institute to be inclusive of all of our components so as to provide a resource for users whether they are working on SCADA, Historian, Analytics, or IoT applications with the ICONICS Suite.

I sincerely encourage you to take a look. With the broad spectrum of topics available already, you are likely to learn something new. Be sure to check out our current library of training videos, and you can expect to see this library grow in the future.

I’ll be diving into some of the video topics in future blog posts, so stay tuned!