Posted: June 22, 2021

From our CSIA Master Class session, co-hosted with SOAP Engineering, learn how you can deliver solutions using the latest software technologies to improve ‎automation system performance and leverage digital twins for robust remote monitoring and ‎better preventative maintenance. ‎ In addition, you will discover how to substantially cut implementation time, while improving ‎reliability. Implementing these solutions often brings connectivity challenges across a variety of ‎equipment and software platforms, adding time to deploy a working solution. New time-saving ‎features in the ICONICS Suite are flexible and scalable and make it easy for organizations to ‎achieve digital transformation.‎

During this presentation, you will hear from ICONICS Gold Certified System Integrator SOAP ‎Engineering, who will demonstrate how they have developed a hosted service on the ICONICS ‎Suite that allows for rapid deployment to oil and gas customers. ‎ This digital twin remote monitoring solution provides redundancy and leverages Azure IoT ‎services to achieve remote monitoring for critical assets in record time. The result is substantial ‎business value and improved compliance around regulatory safety requirements.‎