Posted: March 22, 2016

In this video, see how the latest in visualization and analysis software technology can be used for the monitoring and control of an organization’s facility-based and energy requirements. The video provides real use scenarios for both a Portfolio Executive and an Operation Overview. You can see in detail how to switch seamlessly between faults, alarms, and trends and easily respond to incidents. Each role-based dashboard provides the right amount of required data to quickly make the right decision and turn your buildings into smart buildings.

ICONICS Energy Smart Building solutions integrate information from a broad range of equipment and systems used for buildings management. ICONICS’ Fault Detection and Diagnostics technology pinpoints the exact location and even the specific piece of equipment that is malfunctioning or behaving inefficiently, and offers a list of possible causes ranked by probability to reduce maintenance repair times. This enables customers to reduce energy costs, cut consumption and significantly streamline facilities maintenance. Companies (including Microsoft itself) realize 10-20% savings off their total energy costs by deploying ICONICS solutions.