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ICONICS currently offers the following free OPC development tools (only for OPC Classic):

Simulator OPC Server

The Simulator OPC Server provides any OPC Client application with simulated COM and DCOM based communications. Simulated tags are OPC time stamped with range and OPC quality. Use the Simulator to test compliance of any OPC 1.0a and 2.0 compatible HMI, SCADA or custom application.

Modbus OPC Server v3.8

The Modbus OPC server is an OPC-compliant Windows-based device driver, that provides connectivity to Modicon PLCs and Modbus Compatible Devices via Modbus RTU/ASCII Serial, Modbus Plus (SA-85, SA85-002, AT-984 Cards) networks, or TCP/IPEthernet connections. Supports Modicon x84,Modicon Quantum, Modicon Momentum, any other Modbus compatible device.


The OPC DataSpy™ is a powerful OPC Data Access and Alarm/Events analysis application that allows the testing and monitoring of OPC information for data, alarms, data quality, performance and compliance with the OPC Foundation Standards. Plug and Play with any OPC compatible HMI, SCADA, control or any OPC application. 

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