Statistical Process Control

Improve your product quality and achieve Six Sigma conformance.

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What is Statistical Process Control?

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a method of quality control. It utilizes statistical methodology in order to monitor, control, and ultimately improve a process or its output. Utilizing SPC should ultimately lead to better overall process quality, lower costs due to reduction of waste/scrap, and better understanding of process details and capabilities.
Organizations expect Six Sigma or better conformance of set specifications for their products. For best-in-class quality, companies require continuous analysis and real-time quality control. ICONICS provides an extensive set of SPC calculations, control charts, portal dashboard views, and standard quality reports to help pinpoint quality outliers and drive corrective actions based on process trends.

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How SPC Works

ICONICS SPC solution enables operators, quality personnel, manufacturing engineers and management to view quality SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality. An extensive set of SPC calculations can be applied to any process variable. The SPC data can also be integrated into expressions and logic with the aim towards overall process improvement.

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Benefits of SPC Solutions with ICONICS

  • Take Action and Improve Product Quality

    Spot trends and make decisions based on real-time SPC data. Reduce scrap and increase production yields using built-in charts, graphs and alarm views.

  • Easy Configuration of Multiple Charts, Grids, Tiles, and Graphic

    Included dashboards and Smart Tiles allow for informative display of process KPIs. Quickly scroll, zoom and sort to uncover anomalies, as well as add operator comments to any quality samples.

  • Extensive Statistical Calculation Library

    Take advantage of a wide array of calculations including X-Bar, Range, Sigma, Moving Average, Moving Range, EWMA, Cpk, Cp, Cpl, Cpu, Cpm, Cpkm, PPK, Pp, Ppl, Ppu, Ppm, and Ppkm.

  • Quality Deviation Detection and Alarm Rule Customization

    Utilize Western Electric, Westgard, AIAG, Duncan, Hughes, Juran, Nelson and Gitlow rules.

  • Discover Hidden Costs

    Investigate operational data to identify costly inefficiencies. Determine savings-per-unit by reducing variations in processes.

  • Universal Connectivity

    ICONICS SPC Solutions are built on open standards and comply with OPC, OPC UA, Modbus, SNMP, BACnet and web services technologies, ensure ease of connectivity to multiple quality measurement devices, databases, IT hardware or factory systems.

SPC Software Solutions for Your Industry

  • SPC for Manufacturing

    Manufacturers can use Statistical Process Control (SPC) software to help reduce scrap, increase production yields and prevent variations, all of which can help organizations lower costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

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  • SPC for Food and Beverage

    The Food and Beverage industry provides the perfect environment for Statistical Process Control (SPC). Powerful workflow technology can initiate control actions based on quality conditions or alarm violations, providing changes to process equipment.

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  • SPC for Automotive

    Automotive and auto parts manufacturers have a well-known history of implementing process improvement measures. SPC software can help provide the calculations, charts and dashboards to help increase product quality and reduce waste.

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  • SPC for Oil and Gas

    Statistical Process Control (SPC) is useful within the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry, helping to increase product quality and reduce costs related to waste/scrap. Refinery operators can quickly identify and address product quality issues.

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  • SPC for Water and Wastewater

    Water and Wastewater organizations can manage processes for quality, similar to other industries. The use of SPC software can assist in meeting regulatory requirements, improving related processes and lowering costs.

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  • SPC for Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical industry organizations are familiar with the need to reduce waste during manufacturing processes. SPC software allows users to monitor such processes, identify issues, and fix them in a proactive manner.

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  • Flexible  •  Easy to Use  •  Standardized

    Improve product quality and reduce scrap with Quality AnalytiX. Quality AnalytiX is a real-time Statistical Process Control quality analysis solution to help you maintain Six Sigma conformance. Use dashboards, control charts, built-in SPC calculations, and standard quality reports to pinpoint outliers and gain control over your product quality.

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