Alarm Management

Improve your operations and mitigate faults through advanced alarming.

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What is Alarm Management?

Alarm management systems are utilized in process industries to notify plant personnel of abnormal conditions, events or equipment malfunctions of a particular process or line. An alarm is a visible or audible notification of an abnormal event or situation. Successful organizations require intelligent management of alarms, so as to prevent alarm flood (too many alarm notifications to which to successfully respond), but also ensure proper response to those alarms deemed critical to an organization’s operations.

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How Alarm Management Works

ICONICS alarm technology is built on the internationally recognized alarm management standard ISA 18.2. The technology allows users to prioritize, dynamically filter, shelve and rationalize alarms from single or multiple processes. Operators can be notified in real time of root cause alarms, allowing them to correctly prioritize.

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Benefits of Alarm Management with ICONICS

  • ISA 18.2 Compliance

    ICONICS alarm management solutions meet the internationally recognized standard for rule-based alarms and prioritization.

  • Alarm Prioritization

    Users of ICONICS alarm-based solutions can prioritize alarms based on their classification.

  • Alarm Shelving

    Alarms can be temporarily suppressed when they meet certain parameters. Users can track their status and deal with them at a later stage.

  • Dynamic Filtering

    One alarm can lead to many more. With ICONICS alarm management, users can rationalize alarms and get to the root of the issue or event.

  • Smart Notifications

    ICONICS alarm management users can be notified using a variety of methods including SMS, email, HTML5 dashboards or reports.

  • Rule-based Alarms

    Work processes can determine which alarms are necessary and which are not.

Alarm Management for Your Industry

  • Alarming for Water and Wastewater

    ICONICS alarm management software keeps operators informed about faults, empowering them to manage their facilities safely and intelligently.

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  • Alarming for Manufacturing

    Manufacturers have an obvious need for alarm management, as ignoring alarm conditions can have immediate financial effects if not immediately acted upon. ICONICS provides the tools needed to help monitor and respond to alarms accordingly.

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  • Alarming for Food and Beverage

    Alarm management within the Food and Beverage industry is an absolute necessity. Users require a way to set rules and priorities in order to make sense of the vast number of possible alarm conditions and prevent production defects and costs.

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  • Alarming for Pharmaceutical

    Pharma customers can benefit from rapid alarm response in order to reduce production costs and process-related downtime. Operators can save engineering time and resources by removing inconsequential alarms.

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  • Alarming for Utilities and Energy

    Utilities and Energy industry organizations are faced with the challenge of keeping the power going. Operators face an ever-increasing number of alarms, requiring the ability to prioritize then follow the right course of action.

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  • Alarming for Building Automation

    Once connected to a building management system, ICONICS alarm management solutions can provide clear administration of multiple facilities-based alarms.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Easy to Use  •  Scalable  •  Rapid Development

    Manage your alarms and events with AlarmWorX64. Generate, log, view, chart, and acknowledge your alarms with our distributed enterprise-wide management system, now with ISA 18.2 support. Manage both live and historical alarms with optional redundancy for maximum stability. With the interoperability of OPC UA and Classic OPC, AlarmWorX64 is the most open alarm management solution in the market.

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