Gain real-time insight into your operations through advanced data analysis.

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What Can Analytics Solutions Do for You?

Analytics software solutions transform large amounts of real-time data (such as that from manufacturing or facility operations) into actionable intelligence. These products drive improvement in productivity, efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Enterprise analytics solutions can be applied to solve common business intelligence (BI) challenges. For example, both expert systems and machine learning can be applied to Big Data, leading to visualization and reporting solutions for energy optimization, fault detection and diagnostics, predictive maintenance, SPC quality control, and equipment efficiency. ICONICS provides a suite of analytics solutions that leverages these technologies, providing immediate benefits for any application.

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How Analytics Software Works

ICONICS analytics software tools organize critical operating information with a user-definable, ISA-95-compatible, asset-based network for analysis, visualization, and operations. A wide variety of analytical functions are included with each analytics product. Users are also able to expand such analyses with their own calculations. Our analytics products provide rich, dynamic dashboards that convey concise, role-based information for any manufacturing, industrial, or building automation application.

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Benefits of Analytics Software Solutions with ICONICS

  • Easy, Asset-Based Configuration

    Easily select one or many assets for analysis of energy use or facility maintenance requirements.

  • Complete SPC Quality Solution

    We provide an extensive set of SPC calculations, control charts, dashboard views and standard reports to increase product quality and reduce scrap.

  • Advanced Energy Management

    Reduce your organization’s energy-related costs, carbon footprint and consumption.

  • Visual OEE, KPIs and Analysis for Operational Excellence

    Empower decision makers with real-time, accurate manufacturing analytics with KPIs such as OEE, cycle time, throughput, and more.

  • Predictive Maintenance for Facilities Management

    Use customizable fault rules to calculate probability of equipment failure and advise of immediate action.

  • Alarm Management, Reporting and Analysis

    We provide insight into alarm frequency, statistics, user acknowledgments, priority distributions, and hidden correlations.

Analytics Software for Your Industry

  • Building Analytics

    Building automation customers can take immediate advantage of the cost and time savings possible through ICONICS’ energy and facility analysis tools.

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  • Food and Beverage Analytics

    We understand the importance of productivity and quality assurance in the food and beverage industry, and are committed to helping you optimize your operations.

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  • Manufacturing Analytics

    Manufacturers require the means of simultaneously increasing productivity and quality, while also reducing downtime and better understanding energy use and fault symptoms and causes.

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  • Pharmaceutical Analytics

    Quality control is paramount for pharmaceutical customers. Add productivity, alarm, energy, and facility analytics to complete the cost savings picture.

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  • Sustainability Analytics

    Energy and facility analytics help organizations stay on track in their environmentally-focused projects by providing real-time and historical data to inform decisions.

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  • Utilities and Energy Analytics

    It takes energy to make energy, so it’s no surprise that Utilities and Energy industry customers also rely on ICONICS energy and facilities analytics solutions.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Scalable  •  Quick to Deploy  •  Efficient

    Increase efficiency and reduce consumption with Energy AnalytiX, an off-the-shelf Energy Management System to analyze your energy usage. Reduce your carbon footprint, visualize and identify your inefficient assets, and analyze trends with Energy AnalytiX.

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  • Predictive  •  Real-Time  •  Robust

    Use Facility AnalytiX to detect and diagnose faults in your buildings or equipment. Notify your users in real time when abnormal conditions are detected and resolve anomalies before they become issues. Visualize your fault data with highly configurable drill-down charts.

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  • Flexible  •  Easy to Use  •  Standardized

    Improve product quality and reduce scrap with Quality AnalytiX. Quality AnalytiX is a real-time Statistical Process Control quality analysis solution to help you maintain Six Sigma conformance. Use dashboards, control charts, built-in SPC calculations, and standard quality reports to pinpoint outliers and gain control over your product quality.

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