Fault Detection and Diagnostics

End the break-fix cycle and keep your systems running at peak efficiency by proactively detecting and diagnosing faults.

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What is Fault Detection and Diagnostics Software?

Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology significantly reduces costs and improves operational efficiency. It incorporates a standard library of fault rules that can be customized to predict equipment failures and advise personnel of preventive actions. Before the emergence of FDD software solutions, many organizations relied on institutional knowledge in order to fix or maintain their wide variety of equipment. After the development of FDD tech, this type of info (the numerous symptoms, causes and recommended actions) that may have only existed in the heads of senior personnel or, if lucky, in print or electronic archives, could now be used in algorithms to help organizations move from reactionary “break/fix” maintenance to more modern, more cost-effective predictive maintenance.

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How FDD Works

ICONICS FDD tools use an advanced Fault Rules Engine that calculates fault probability as well as all associated costs. It saves users configuration time by making integration easier, faster and more intuitive. ICONICS FDD tools are able to integrate with the most popular BAS, SCADA, PLC and other systems used to monitor equipment conditions.

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Benefits of Fault Detection and Diagnostics Solutions with ICONICS

  • Predict, Reduce and Eliminate Equipment Downtime

    Using an advanced Fault Rules Engine algorithm, FDD software helps to guide maintenance tasks to keep mission-critical equipment up and running, rather than wait for error conditions.

  • Automatically Detect Faults and Receive Real-time Notifications

    FDD software monitors systems and equipment for fault conditions and ties into ICONICS alarm management software to provide alerts and detailed info when set thresholds are met.

  • Utilize Preconfigured Fault Rules in the Standard Rules Library

    ICONICS FDD software users can opt to include preconfigured fault rules for a variety of equipment types, reducing installation and maintenance time.

  • Reduce Maintenance and Determine Probable Causes

    Preconfigured fault rules make it easier for users to determine probable causes for asset issues, reducing the number of maintenance actions required.

  • Rich Visualization and Reporting

    Users can create reports and charts such as Fault Detection, Diagnostic Causes, and Corrective Action to help visualize operations and address equipment performance inefficiences.

  • Return on Investment Typically Within 12 to 18 Months

    Evolving from a break/fix model to a predictive maintenance one, ROI can typically be realized soon after one year of operation.

FDD Software for Your Industry

  • FDD for Automotive

    Automotive industry companies utilize a wide array of machinery in their manufacturing processes. FDD software can help reduce the number of maintenance tasks over time, helping to free up personnel for higher priorities.

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  • FDD for Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical organizations are often concerned with product waste, often attributed to stopped, underperforming or malfunctioning equipment. With FDD software, these issues can be mitigated, improving product quality and productivity and lowering costs.

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  • FDD for Sustainability

    Part of many organizations’ sustainability efforts is the aimed reduction of avoidable maintenance tasks. A combined FDD and energy management plan sets the groundwork for successful sustainability campaigns.

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  • FDD for Utilities and Energy

    Utilities and Energy industry organizations use a variety of specialized equipment to keep the power going. ICONICS FDD technology can help alleviate what can typically be an overwhelming number of internal maintenance tasks.

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  • FDD for Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas customers work with an especially valuable resource that depends heavily on equipment uptime. FDD software can help to better strategize maintenance tasks, prevent downtime and keep product flowing.

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  • FDD for Building Automation

    A predictive maintenance solution utilizing FDD technology can help bolster the foundation of any building automation strategy. Facilities managers and operations staff can gain a better understanding of locations’ daily operations.

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    Use Facility AnalytiX to detect and diagnose faults in your buildings or equipment. Notify your users in real time when abnormal conditions are detected and resolve anomalies before they become issues. Visualize your fault data with highly configurable drill-down charts.

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