Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Objectively rate your processes, measure improvements, reduce downtime, and increase profitability.

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What is Overall Equipment Effectiveness?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a measure of manufacturing process productivity. An OEE score of 100 percent demonstrates that an organization is manufacturing design-standard goods as quickly as possible with little to no downtime. OEE is comprised of a few main areas, including availability (runtime vs. stop time/availability loss), quality (acceptable output vs. defects/quality loss), and performance (optimum runtime scenario vs slow cycles/performance loss). Custom KPIs can be set to measure the performance of processes against business objectives to support cost reduction and maintain high quality output.

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How OEE Works

OEE software provides a full end-to-end process performance monitoring solution that provides actionable intelligence to users at any level of an enterprise. Highly accurate, real-time and historical information can then drive global operational efficiency and help to gain a competitive advantage. OEE software solutions typically involve pre-built calculations, downtime analytics, and production scheduling; all of which combine to help ensure effective business processes. Real-time data can be aggregated from almost any data source through open, industry standard, secure protocols and displayed via an intelligent dashboard.

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Benefits of OEE-Integrated Solutions with ICONICS

  • Advanced Analytics and Automated Reporting

    Smart automatic reporting, in addition to real-time and historical status reports enable users to access advanced data analytics and assess important business scenarios.

  • Prioritize Workloads

    Work smarter, not harder. Fault cost prioritization improves efficiency and reduces costs by advising operators on required work actions and their involved costs.

  • Accountability

    Role-based visual dashboards allow users to customize individual views based on roles and groups as well as evaluate team performance with enhanced accountability.

  • Preconfigured Templates

    Built to suit almost any manufacturing-based process, quicker implementation allows users to get started quickly, and use pre-built report templates, drill-down graphics, interactive charts and KPIs.

  • Connectivity to Multiple Data Sources

    ICONICS OEE Software features open connectivity with SQL, SAP, SNMP, Oracle, ODBC and OLE DB. It also allows users to aggregate operational data from multiple sources

  • Powerful Data Mining Tracks Real-Time KPIs

    Track throughput, OEE, utilization, yield, availability, uptime, cycle time and other KPIs. Smart automated alarm configuration alerts users when processes reach set parameters.

OEE Solutions for Your Industry

  • OEE for Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers utilize a wide range of equipment and processes, generating a steady supply of data along with their products. Using ICONICS OEE software helps to improve production, reduce costs, and ensure quality.

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  • OEE for Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage manufacturing involves multiple processes running on multiple pieces of equipment. OEE software can help connect to the wide array of disparate data sources and focus that information into actionable KPIs.

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  • OEE for Manufacturing

    Many Manufacturing organizations have embraced OEE as a core measurement of their success. ICONICS OEE solutions help manufacturers to set informed benchmarks, determine and reduce loss, and improve overall productivity.

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  • OEE for Automotive

    The Automotive industry, often a testbed for new manufacturing concepts, was an early adopter of OEE and related technologies. ICONICS OEE software helps automotive and parts supplier companies meet current and future manufacturing challenges.

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  • OEE for Materials and Mining

    Materials and Mining companies are as equally concerned with availability, quality and performance as those in more traditional manufacturing applications. ICONICS OEE software can help companies in these fields set and meet realistic benchmarks.

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  • OEE for Oil and Gas

    The Oil and Gas industry, like most, strives to provide a high-quality product with as little cost as possible. ICONICS OEE software identifies areas of improvement with data gathered throughout an company’s business processes.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Fast  •  Robust  •  Reliable

    Hyper Historian is a high-speed plant historian that can connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise, such as OPC UA, BACnet, web services, and many more.  Our advanced calculation engine allows you to perform complex calculations and analyses.  Optional remote collectors can store and forward data to protect against network outages.  Loggers and collectors can be made redundant as well, providing even more peace of mind. 

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  • Versatile  •  Integrated  •  Timely

    ​Schedule and run powerful reports with ReportWorX64. Design templates in Excel and leverage Excel formulas, charts, and formatting. See live data directly in the template, then schedule the report to be delivered to your mailbox right when you need them. Trigger reports on demand from your HMI, in response to system alerts, when records appear in your database, and more. Report on a wide variety of data sources, from OPC UA, databases, BACnet, SNMP, web services, and beyond.

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  • Connected  •  Secure  •  Versatile

    Our HMI/SCADA solution, GENESIS64 is the backbone of your connected factory, giving you eyes into your plant floor, building facilities, and corporate systems.  Monitor alarms, track real time data, and make changes on the fly from your secure, web-enabled visualization dashboard.

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