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What Does SCADA Do for Your Organization?

Transform your industrial control system with the most advanced SCADA software and visualization platform, providing the greatest performance, reliability, and flexibility for operators, engineers, and executives to manage their enterprise. Experience the power of situational awareness with unified, real-time, historical, and alarm information for any manufacturing, energy, industrial, or building automation application by using distributed Geo-SCADA 2D and 3D dashboards.

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How SCADA Works

We provide users with an easy-to-use, multi-functional, centralized desktop or web-based environment for project configuration. Users can connect to and manage multiple data sources, as well as enable functions such as alarming, trending, reporting, and more. Users can create stunning 2D and 3D SCADA visualization of entire system operations. In addition, we provide built-in, intelligent, ISA-95-compliant asset management.

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Benefits of SCADA with ICONICS

  • Powerful Centralized Configuration

    The Workbench speeds up development, reducing application design costs. Configure and manage your entire project from one convenient, unified environment.

  • Visualization on Any Device

    Users can build scalable, XAML vector-based graphics or use preconfigured symbols with dynamic properties, referenced colors and flexible animations. Smart Tiles™ can display KPIs within operational dashboards.

  • Mission-critical Redundancy

    ICONICS redundancy solutions are simple to configure, install and deploy. They cover all major aspects including data access, historical data, alarms and security.

  • Advanced IoT and Cloud Integration

    An integrated IoT Gateway Suite can communicate with Microsoft Azure or third-party applications by publishing on-premises data to the cloud via secure transport protocols.

  • Universal Connectivity

    GENESIS64 supports industry standard communications such as OPC, OPC UA, Modbus, BACnet, web services, and databases. Network simple device discovery makes integration seamless and efficient.

  • Extensive Geo-SCADA Capabilities

    GraphWorX64’s Geo-SCADA module can be configured for real-time visualization of widely dispersed assets and can integrate with Bing, Google, Esri or any Web Map Service (WMS) map.

SCADA Solutions for Your Industry

  • SCADA for Automotive

    Powerful visualization, monitoring, and controls lead to efficient, reliable production and helps reduce downtime and total cost of operations. From assembly to testing to painting and more, ICONICS can handle automotive applications.

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  • SCADA for Building Automation

    ICONICS HMI/SCADA solutions are integrated with BACnet, in addition to multiple other communication protocols, in order to provide seamless control, scalable from a single building to an entire campus.

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  • SCADA for Food and Beverage

    In addition to handling multiple applications (processing, bottling, canning, packaging, retail, distribution, and more), ICONICS HMI/SCADA provides the means of adaptability, security and compliance this industry requires.

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  • SCADA for Government and Military

    Municipalities, government offices, campuses, airports, correctional facilities, transportation, and postal systems are just a few entities that can benefit from controls for HVAC, lighting, energy usage, security, elevator, fire, and more.

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  • SCADA for Manufacturing

    ICONICS HMI/SCADA solutions can be utilized throughout an entire manufacturing enterprise. Data visualization, alarming, trending, archiving and reporting help organizations increase productivity and reduce costs.

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  • SCADA for Transportation

    ICONICS HMI/SCADA provides the visualization, monitoring and control needed within the wide array of transportation applications – on wheels, on water, on rails – wherever or however people or goods travel worldwide.

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Learn More About ICONICS Products

  • Connect  •  Secure  •  Versatile

    Our HMI/SCADA solution, GENESIS64 is the backbone of your connected factory, giving you eyes into your plant floor, building facilities, and corporate systems.  Monitor alarms, track real time data, and make changes on the fly from your secure, web-enabled visualization dashboard.

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  • Responsive  •  Mobile  •  Connected

    MobileHMI is a full HMI/SCADA solution designed for use on mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, HDTVs, and other web connected devices. It leverages HTML5 technology to deliver your dashboards and displays to any glass. Easy to set up and simple to deploy, MobileHMI can bring your business data to your hand anytime, anywhere.

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  • Intuitive  •  Easy  •  Responsive

    KPIWorX is a self-service dashboard. Predefine your dashboards, or let your users create their own. Display your data in easy to use charts, tables, and symbols. Configure using drag-and-drop. Filter and sort on the fly. View your dashboards in any HTML5 browser from wall displays to phones and anything in between.

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