There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world, both on a personal and professional level. Every business has been forced to rethink how it conducts its operations, and office workers all over the world traded their cubicles for tables or desks in spare rooms and invested in home office upgrades to mirror their in-office setup. But with vaccinations well underway, it feels like we may finally be turning the corner, and you might be wondering, “What’s next?”

One of the new requirements stemming from the pandemic is an increased need for occupant management. Workers want to know if the occupant count in a building or on a floor is at a safe level. Management wants to ensure that occupant limits are respected. If the need for contact tracing arises, having access to occupant information and history is critical.

Many people have had time to rethink their relationship with the workplace. In the corporate world, office workers know that they are more than just tenants to their employer, and it is important for them to feel safe and comfortable to operate at their maximum productivity levels. Organizations and employees alike want a system that helps maintain safe occupant levels by enabling choice of safe times to enter the workspace. They also want a way to coordinate times with co-workers so that in-person collaborations can happen when needed.

For management, they want a system to easily manage government mandated occupant health and safety guidelines and have visibility into the occupants that are in the workspace at any given time. If an occupant is found to be infected, a system that allows management to perform contact tracing based on the history of occupants in the workspace is vital.

With these ideas in mind, ICONICS has introduced Workspace AnalytiX®, a modern workplace management system, built with the best of ICONICS technologies that work in conjunction together to address the workplace needs of both occupants and management.

With Workspace AnalytiX, occupants can reserve workspaces, monitor occupant counts per floor, see who's going to be in the office, and initiate Microsoft Teams conversations directly from a mobile app interface. For management, Workspace AnalytiX enables the complete monitoring and analysis of the work environment, occupant count monitoring, occupant contact tracing, and building automation equipment monitoring and control.

I was deeply involved with the creation of Workspace AnalytiX and it was very exciting to present Workspace AnalytiX to the public for the first time during ICONICS' Connect 2020 virtual event, now available on-demand.

Workspace AnalytiX is how we at ICONICS manage our own workspace at our worldwide headquarters and we felt this type of solution could be beneficial to everyone in a similar situation. If you would like to learn more about Workspace AnalytiX and how it can help address your needs, please feel free to contact for a private demo!

By working together, we can make the best of the new normal.
Stay safe, stay positive, and we'll see you soon!