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Alarming & Notifications

Configure alarms, log them, and send alerts and notifications to users using AlarmWorX64 and CFSWorX.


Total: ~7 min

Alarms are used in situations where you want to be able to track if your data is reporting a state that might be considered abnormal or problematic. The alarming and notification components in the Suite help to automate the monitoring of these states, and provide a constellation of tools to access and act upon this information. Start here for a primer on how to think about using alarms in your system.

Total: ~20 min

Hyper alarming allows for generation of real-time alarms based upon configurable expressions to freely define active states. This high-performance system is designed for high throughput while maintaining real-time updates.

Total: ~16 min

Hyper alarm logger pairs with the server and allows for full auditing and storing of all alarm event state changes. These logs can be viewed in runtime or exported for various other applications to use.

Total: ~24 min

Alarm visualization is made possible through a dedicated viewer control that is accessible on all platforms. This control is designed to allow for full operator access and control of alarm states.

Total: ~17 min

The Alarm Server is the core engine for tracking of alarm states. Its configuration can scale from simple to intricate, and is adaptable to monitor conditions in the way most appropriate to your application.

Total: ~9 min

Alarm logging allows for creating a permanent record of all historical alarm events and changes of state. It can be used for traceability as well as alarm analysis.

Existing users may already have applications deployed using AlarmWorX64 Server and may be interested to seek converting over to Hyper Alarm Server in order to leverage the new features and enhanced performance. There are several ways to perform this upgrade, and it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate an overall project architecture for potential improvements.