OPC Classic

Total: ~14 min

OPC, the Open Platform Communications protocol, is an open standard that has been around for decades. It is used in a variety of industries for providing connectivity to PLCs, RTUs, meters, and other sensor equipment. It remains the most broadly applicable open standard in use, and is natively integrated into the ICONICS platform as a standard protocol.

Understanding OPC

OPC is a protocol which has been the foundational standard in the manufacturing and process automation space. Learn the fundamentals of how it addresses and manages data which can be used in a SCADA or Analytics project.

Connecting to OPC Data Locally

In many situations, the OPC Server used for protocol conversion will be installed on the same server as the ICONICS Suite. Learn how to browse to and use this data.

Connecting to OPC Data Over a Network

The OPC protocol has special considerations for how to connect to a server over a network. GenBroker is a tool which can be used to bypass many of the normal DCOM requirements.

Tuning and Optimizing Connectivity

OPC has several means of connectivity which can be variously applied to different situations. This video discusses how to configure and test connections to provide consistent, reliable performance from an OPC Server.