Hyper Alarm Server

Total: ~20 min

Hyper alarming allows for generation of real-time alarms based upon configurable expressions to freely define active states. This high-performance system is designed for high throughput while maintaining real-time updates.

Basics of Alarming with the Hyper Alarm Server

Hyper Alarm Server manages the definition of alarm objects. It utilizes a wide variety of data sources to determine alarm conditions. We will introduce you to the concept to create advanced and efficient alarm management solutions.

Configuring Alarm Types

Every alarm is based on a template definition, the Alarm Type. We will explain how to create your own. Each may expose unique attributes to address simple and complex alarm tasks.

Configuring Alarms

Alarm objects are defined in the Hyper Alarm Server and organized in areas and sub-areas. Alarms may also be defined for individual asset properties which automatically integrate with the Hyper Alarm Server.

Accessing and Viewing Hyper Alarming Alarms

The alarm viewer subscribes to assets and alarm areas to visualize alarm conditions of monitored assets.

Using Alarm Counters

Alarm counters are freely configurable expressions to count alarm states in the alarm server address space. You will learn how to create counters and how to use them in dashboards.