Total: ~20 min

SNMP is a protocol which is standard within the IT and network environment, and is commonly supported by computers, servers, network switches and routers, and power supplies.

Understanding SNMP

An overview on the applications of SNMP, as well as the special terminology and capabilities associated with the protocol.

Adding a New Network

Adding a new network allows for either a targeted IP location or a broad range network discovery to include potential SNMP data sources.

Adding a Device

How to add a new device configuration to the network for data browsing, as well as a demonstration of reading data out of that device.

Exploring a Network to Discover Devices

Using automated network discovery to speed the process of adding devices to the configuration.

Using MIB Files

MIB files are an important aspect of SNMP, and allow for human-readable tag name resolution to be used in any data connection.

Using SNMP Traps for Event Monitoring

Traps are SNMP's solution for alarm monitoring, and can be generated from most SNMP compatible equipment. For most applications they are treated similar to OPC alarms.