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OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is the object-oriented approach to data organization and transfer that is developed by the OPC Foundation. Like its predecessor, the UA model has become broadly adopted in a range of industries and is increasingly finding applications in the IoT space. It includes intrinsic security via a certificate model built into the core of the technology, and expands upon the ability for communication in a networked environment.

Understanding OPC UA

OPC UA is an object-oriented approach to data organization and has been widely adopted as the next generation open protocol for communication. It represents one of the backbone protocols for ICONICS applications.

Configuring OPC UA Endpoints

OPC UA endpoints are the first point of entry to accessing data from an OPC UA server. These connections can use end to end encryption via certificates.

Connecting to OPC UA Data

An overview of where to find and how to subscribe to OPC UA data for use in an application.

Tuning and Optimizing Connectivity

While OPC UA connectivity is generally easy to configure, there are some additional tips which can help to get the most out of the connection.