Project Backups

Total: ~23 min

Efficiently manage, back up, and deploy projects.

Backing Up a Project

Backing up a project is an important step in any development process. It is important both for securing a configuration in case it needs to be restored later, as well as to transfer a project onto a production system.

Restoring a Project

The user can unpack a project file on the local machine or export it to a different server. The project file will contain all configuration settings from the existing project.

Archiving Project Files

The Workbench allows the user to organize different project files and their different revisions. Project file types include displays, binaries, and certificates, while the configurations for most services are maintained directly by their respective packed project file.

Importing and Exporting Configurations

Configurations for any module can be exported as a CSV or XLS file directly from the Workbench. That same configuration file can be imported on the same server or a different machine, and can useful for deployments, backups, changes, and redundancy.

Configure Databases

The user can configure the MSSQL database that will be used for configuration directly from the Workbench. This also acts as the point for configuring and editing the active configuration for any given module.

Upgrade Databases

Users can update ICONICS databases from older projects to the current version in the Workbench. Workbench provides a event log highlighting the upgrade of older databases.

Adding and Deleting Databases

The user can manipulate MSSQL databases directly from the Workbench. Actions include deleting, detaching, backing up, and restoring.