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Data Historian

Use Hyper Historian to log tags, view historical data, export and import data, and perform powerful calculations.


Total: ~14 min

The Hyper Historian is a versatile and robust Data Historian. This section introduces you to how it is organized, and how to configure it to start logging your data with minimal effort.


Total: ~5 min

Hyper Historian data is similar to most any other data used with the ICONICS Suite, but this section expands on some of the specifics to consider when incorporating logged data into your displays.


Total: ~21 min

The Historian engine supports a variety of calculations, but pre-configured and customizable, that can be performed on top of the data you are already logging. For all practical purposes these new data sources behave like any others, and can be vital to the analysis performed in a variety of applications.

Data Exchange

Total: ~35 min

Few applications will expect all of the data to remain in a single repository, so you will commonly need to think about how to exchange this data with other systems. Hyper Historian includes several connectors that allow for interchange of data with third-party applications over multiple protocols.

Total: ~12 min

There are a lot of ways to architect an application that uses Hyper Historian, and picking the right one will include considerations for redundancy at multiple layers, remote collectors, and multi-logger hierarchies.