Advanced Topics

Total: ~16 min

Learn about all of the extra capabilities and power-user features within the reporting environment. Includes optimizing templates for re-use and adaptive reports according to time of day or equipment type.

Create a Report Management Dashboard

The ICONICS suite offers GraphWorX64 controls for the user to configure a custom report interface. The custom report interface is available through a web browser.

Naming Reports Using Parameters

Users can parameterize the name of report templates to dynamically assign a name for the reports.

Using Global Aliasing in the Report

Users can use global aliases in the report template to apply indirect addressing to the data sources. The user configures the alias theme in the Workbench and can vary based on triggers.

Redirecting Reports to Email

Users can send reports via email. The user configures the email server and attaches it to the report template.

Transactions to Send Reports

The user can configure a BridgeWorX64 transaction to send a report. Combines the features of both software tools to create comprehensive reports.