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Automated Transactions

Use BridgeWorX64 to bridge data, create logic diagrams, and much more.


Total: ~34 min

Where to get started when planning how to design and use automated transactions. Covers the primary use cases as well as how to get started with configuration.

Process Files

Total: ~20 min

Blocks and other actions available in the transaction editor that are specifically related to processing, moving, and generating files.

Total: ~24 min

There are several specialized blocks to be used for reading and writing data, and each will have their own specializations whether to be used for real-time or historical data streams, alarm and event subscriptions, or datasets derived from a variety of sources.


Total: ~14 min

It is common for transactions to not act as a black box, but instead to provide notifications when appropriate according to the status of the transaction and system affected. These notifications may be sent to the event log, to other ICONICS systems such as reporting, or to email or SMS messages.