Total: ~24 min

Alarm visualization is made possible through a dedicated viewer control that is accessible on all platforms. This control is designed to allow for full operator access and control of alarm states.

Alarm Visualization in Runtime

The alarm viewer is a pre-built control for viewing and interacting with alarms, and includes numerous features intended to improve ease of use by operators and integrators. It includes the capability to configure the system to implement alarm management according to the ISA 18.2 Standard , including alarm shelving and others.

Alarm Viewer Configuration

This video covers the core concepts regarding configuration of an AlarmWorX Viewer, which is one of the key methods of incorporating alarm information into a user interface.

Commanding the Alarm Viewer

The alarm viewer provides the capablity for commanding, allowing for a variety of direct alarm response actions, and many options for drilling down for further alarm diagnostics and references to corrective actions.