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Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Detect and analyze faults in equipment using FDDWorX or Facility AnalytiX.


Total: ~9 min

The basics of Fault Detection and Diagnostics both as an analytical concept as well as how it is practically applied in the ICONICS Suite.

Fault Rules

Total: ~8 min

Fault Rules are the core of the FDD engine in ICONICS and define the active state for any given fault.

Total: ~5 min

Diagnostic models are the second half of the "FDD" analysis. They help to determine what to do about a fault once it is discovered.

Cost Analysis

Total: ~4 min

Cost Analysis can be deployed to add an additional layer of prioritization or urgency to faults, by associating the real cost to a fault.


Total: ~8 min

Faults, much like any other dataset within ICONICS, can be viewed and accessed in a variety of formats and media.