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Aliasing is an indispensable tool for scaling up projects, allowing you to genericize graphics and dashboards such that in real time you can connect them to any data you wish. It also saves on configuration time, allowing for easier changes and updates later.

Understanding Aliasing

Aliasing is a tool within the ICONICS suite that allows for dynamic use of placeholder text in all aspects of configuration. It is especially useful for developing scalable, reusable displays and configurations.

Building Graphics with Aliases

There are several ways to employ aliases within a graphical environment. This video highlights the configuration for the most common applications.

Using Expressions to Create Aliases

Aliases can be built up from multiple individual components within an expression in addition to being directly, statically configured.

Using Themes and Theme Values

Themes and Theme Values extend the power of aliases to allow for bulk applications of alias changes according to a single action.

Setting Local Aliases in the Displays

Local Aliases are closely related to the generic "Global Aliases". These local aliases have specialty uses within graphics configurations.