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One of the powerful features of Assets are the ability to associate commands with them, allowing users to directly interact with the asset to view data and perform actions. These commands are frequently used for navigation within applications, control or toggling properties of assets, or triggering reports and transactions related to that asset.

Adding Commands to an Equipment

One of the powerful features of assets is the ability to assign commands to them. These commands can be triggered by a user from runtime, and have several standard features that allow for them to be scaled up quickly based upon locally-referenced asset properties.

Loading Displays with Commanding

One of the common uses for an asset command is to trigger a load display action. This allows for a straightforward means of using an asset navigator to open up displays relevant to any specific asset or group of assets.

Setting Aliases with Commanding

Global Aliases can be set directly from assets. This video covers how to do so, as well as to take advantage of asset properties to ease the configuration of those aliases.

Executing Reports with Commanding

Triggering ReportWorX reports is a commonly-used application of asset commands.

Triggering Transactions with Commanding

Triggering the BridgeWorX automated workflow engine is a commonly-used application of asset commands.