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Triggers are used as a module to support many other modules, as they can monitor the status of various points, alarms, events, or time based sequences to then be used to invoke other actions within the ICONICS system.

Using Triggers in ICONICS Systems

Triggers are a helpful component that support the function of a variety of other systems in the ICONICS Suite. They are used to allow monitoring for specific events within a system.

Periodic Triggers

Periodic triggers may be used for anything that should be triggered according to a time-based fashion, be it every minute, hour, day, or other intervals.

Data Value Change Triggers

Data value triggers can be used to monitor any value and fire on any situation that meets the specified parameters.

Alarm Subscription Triggers

As the name suggest, alarm subscription triggers will fire a triggering event according to the states of the alarms within the subscription.

File Triggers

File triggers monitor a given folder on a computer and may trigger when specified changes occur.