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Protect your system by controlling access and logging an audit trail of configuration changes.


Total: ~6 min

The basics of how application and interface security is handled within the ICONICS platform. It discusses the differences between user based as well as system integration based security practices.

Audit Logging

Total: ~3 min

Audit Logging is used as a tool to track all events and changes which happen within a system. It can be valuable for identifying potential issues with configuration as well as for validation of systems.

Total: ~8 min

Securing data in transit refers to the security that takes place regarding communication between two or more different services or applications. This could include message passing between OPC Servers and FrameWorX, between multiple FrameWorX nodes, or other such transactions.

Total: ~6 min

Securing data at rest refers to making sure that the data which has been stored to disk, most commonly being logged data and alarms or cached data, is secured.