Data Flows

Total: ~27 min

Data Flows may be used to import, transform, and prepare datasets for later use in BI functions.

Key Uses for Data Flows

Data flows organize data into relevant datasets. The data sources used for the data flows are any of the sources availble in the ICONICS software platform, such as OPC UA, Web services and databases.

Connecting to Real-time and Historical Data

We will discuss how to define realtime data as the source for the Data Flows as well as time series data to use a collection of historical data records.

Using Parameters in Data Flows

Parameters filter only relevant data to be used in the data flows. We will explain the use of parameters to create a historical time span for the data model.

Connecting to Datasets

We will discuss how to query datasets froma database, use these in Data Flows and to add or remove columns with additional content.

Connecting to Metadata

Descriptions of point names, ranges and other data can be used as meta data. The information becomes useful when users would like to filter and relate specific data to view at runtime.

Filtering and Requesting data

Data flows should only contain the relevant data. We discuss the best approach to filter a subset of data, request the relatime data and to transform a dataset to create a desired content.

Adding New Columns Using Expressions and Transposing Datasets

Columns can be added to the dataflow to create additional content based on expressions. If needed, the dataset can be transposed to present the data in a different format to better fit a specific purpose.