Total: ~31 min

Symbols can be just about anything in a display, including user interaction points such as buttons, knobs, or sliders as well as gauges and visual representations of equipment. Learn how to build and work with these symbols at scale.

Using the Symbol Library

In order to simplify the development of dashboards, there is a comprehensive library of symbols directly accessible in the graphics editor. This library is fully configurable and can be used to store your own favorite symbols.

Creating Your Own Symbol Categories

An overview on creating a symbol category and then storing and managing symbols within it. These symbols can then easily be deployed to any real-time dashboard.

Grouping and Viewboxes for Symbol Sizing

It is important to consider the responsive design of displays to accommodate different resolutions, as well as to organize objects appropriately to minimize clutter and symbol overlap. Grouping and viewboxes are two similar tools that can be used to help.

Creating a Smart Symbol

Creating smart symbols out of the symbols you build can be one of the best time-saving and error-reducing ways to improve your design. Smart symbols allow for a standardization of style and ease of editing.

Editing Bindings within Smart Symbols

Smart symbol bindings are the key tool that make smart symbols so powerful. A review of how to manage and edit bindings, as well as useful ways to bind real-time data acquisition values into dynamics to achieve new capabilities out of displays.

Efficient Deployment of Smart Symbols

This video covers how to efficiently use smart symbols, including bulk configuration, advanced dynamics, and organization of symbols to create a library to choose from.

Designing with Vector Graphics

Vector graphics offer a good balance of simple configuration, scalability, and a professional appearance. Vector graphics facilitate scaling, zooming, and panning capability. This video covers how to create your own vector graphics as well as to adapt existing ones within the symbol library.

Applying Bulk Updates to Symbols

Larger projects will require bulk edits and updates to symbols and display elements. Learn how to conduct this efficiently, as well as to design in advance for this need.