Data Models

Total: ~17 min

Data Models represent the core relationship between datasets and allow for in-memory management of complex data relationships.

Adding a New Data Table

Data flows can be added to the Data Model. The data model becomes the online representation of the data flows. We will explain how models can be created and how data tables can be added to the model.

Tuning Columns and Settings of a Data Table

Often, columns have to be added or changed in an improved data model. We will explain how the data scheme can be updated to reflect your changes.

Defining Relationships between Tables

The relationship between tables simplifies how data can be combined and queried. We will explain how relationships can be set between tables in the data model.

Management of Data Models and Datasets

The data model must be refreshed at certain times to accomodate for changes that may have applied. New assets may have onboarded and other updated datasets should be reflected i the model. We will discuss the options to refresh your data model.