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Expanding upon the core protocols supported by ICONICS systems, there are a variety of other situational uses for data ingestion through other protocols. Furthermore, there are options for creating custom protocol interfaces as needed.

Introduction to Using Simulated Data

There are many situations where it is useful to read and write to simulated data points that are not connected to a PLC or sensor.

Using Simulated Data in GENESIS64

This video covers browsing to and using simulated data for display animation testing as well as temporary holding registers.

Import from CSV with MergeWorX

The Data Historian comes equipped with the MergeWorX module, which allows for direct import of data into the Process Data Historian as an alternative to a tag subscription method of data storage. The most common application for MergeWorX is to process and import data from CSV files into the Historian.

OPC Servers as Protocol Converter

It is common for controllers and sensors to communicate over proprietary protocols. Fortunately, OPC is a widely adopted middle-ground protocol with multiple options for servers to act as intermediary protocol converters.