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Reports can be generated in a variety of formats including Excel files, PDFs, and HTML. The configuration of such is a simple task within the Workbench.

Reporting to CSV, PDF, XLS or HTML formats

The ICONICS user can deliver the report in multiple file formats. The formats include .PDF, .xlsx, .html or .csv.

Creating Reports with OPC Data

Reports can connect to OPC sources directly or indirectly through the asset structure. The user can browse data sources locally or on the network.

Creating Alarm Reports

Reports can subscribe to the AlarmWorX Logger to generate a report of historical alarms. The user can define parameters such start time, end time, severity, etc.

Creating Reports with Historical Data

Reports can subscribe to historical data stored in the Historian or in other OPC HDA compatible sources. The reports can display the original values or aggregate the results.

Creating Reports with BI models

Reports can subscribe to the data models the user created in AnalytiX-BI. The user can use the ICONICS query language to filter and sort the report datasets.

Creating Reports with FDD Information

Reports can subscribe to Fault Detection and Diagnosis incidents recorded in the ICONICS software. The user can parameterize the time span to filter the report.

Creating Reports with Database Data

Reports can subscribe to the ICONICS database connections. The reports can leverage the configured queries, views, and stored procedures in the ICONICS platform to filter and sort the report information.