Total: ~35 min

IoTWorX is a containerized solution that can be deployed to gateway hardware to facilitate publishing data on IoT protocols. It uses a remote configuration managed in the Workbench to automatically push configuration deployments.

Overview of the IoTWorX Architecture

The IoTWorX edge devices are maintained through the Workbench. We will explain the flow of data from the edge to the cloud and the considerations to make to license edge devices.

Supported Platforms for IoTWorX

We will discuss the hardware and operating system requirements, the variety of inbound communication protocols and the connection to the cloud for MQTT or IoTHub based cloud solutions.

Cloud Environments and IoTWorX Deployments

Microsoft Azure resources are needed for IoT deployments. We will discuss the types of resources and how these resources can be utilized by the edge device and Workbench environment.

Provisioning an IoTWorX Gateway

The edge device needs to be prepared with the Azure IoT Edge and IoTWorX modules. We will explain which tools to use and how to quickly provision the device.

Configure an IoT Project in Workbench

The Workbench maintains edge devices 'over the air'. The configurations are stored in a Workbench project dedicated to IoT devices.

Adding Modules to the IoTWorX device

The modules required for the edge device(s) are automatically deployed through the cloud.

Creating IoTWorX Application Templates

The template defines the configuration for one or several edge devices.

Configure IoTWorX for Modbus Data Connectivity

Modbus configurationss can be created and assigned to the communication channel appropriate for the specific edge device(s).

Configure IoTWorX for Publishing Alarm Conditions

Alarm conditions can be detected on the edge and published to the cloud.

Configure IoTWorX for Data Buffering and Cloud Historical Data Access

Time series data can be viewed on the edge and can be published to the cloud.

Using the IoTWorX Console Application

The console application provides browser access to monitor core services and to trouble shoot and resolve connectivity issues with the field equipment.

Using the IoTWorX Visualizer

The visualizer provides browser based visualizations directly connected to the edge device.