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It is common for transactions to not act as a black box, but instead to provide notifications when appropriate according to the status of the transaction and system affected. These notifications may be sent to the event log, to other ICONICS systems such as reporting, or to email or SMS messages.

Transactions to Output Events to ICONICS and Windows Event Log

Event logs can be a useful destination for message output from transactions, as they can be used by a variety of systems and even with little application experience. This video covers how to log any chosen messages to event logs.

Transactions to Send Email Notifications

Transactions can easily trigger the dispatch of email notifications, commonly for notification of the completion of a task but not limited to such. These transaction blocks leverage the standard AlertWorX email nodes that can be configured for generic alarm subscriptions.

Transactions to Send Reports

Transactions may be used to trigger and send reports. They leverage the standard ReportWorX reports and are frequently used as a status report output from a transaction or other notable event.