Existing users may already have applications deployed using AlarmWorX64 Server and may be interested to seek converting over to Hyper Alarm Server in order to leverage the new features and enhanced performance. There are several ways to perform this upgrade, and it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate an overall project architecture for potential improvements.

Converting AlarmWorX64 to Hyper Alarm Server

Start with the principles on the differences between the two options for alarm management, and what to expect in undertaking a conversion.

Convert Alarm Configuration with Bulk Asset Configurator

Converting to using Hyper Alarming can take advantage of features within the asset hierarchy and pairs well with the bulk asset configurator. Learn how to get the most out of each when converting alarms.

AlarmWorX64 and Hyper Alarm Server Runtime

Transitioning to using Hyper Alarming means different connections to be made for alarm visualization and interaction, so we discuss how to link viewers into the new subscriptions as well as the changes coming to alarm metadata counters.