Asset Navigator

Total: ~14 min

The Asset configuration is not just a server-side function, it also has a runtime viewer component that allows you to work with your assets as a client as well. This covers the addition of an asset tree into a traditional SCADA dashboard.

Asset Navigator Basics

The Asset Navigator is a specialized control that can be embedded into GraphWorX64 dashboards to allow for real-time browsing and manipulation of assets. As a pre-built control it has numerous features to ease customization.

Adding an Asset Navigator to a Display

Various tips on how to include the navigator into a display such that it feels like an integral part of the dashboard. Using collapsible side panels and auto-scaled controls to provide a responsive design approach.

Using an Asset Navigator in Runtime

Specific capabilities that are made available through the asset navigator in runtime. Examples of how to configure the navigator to be most useful to the operator in runtime, so that they can quickly drill down to important points.

Custom Asset Navigator Columns

Expanding out the asset navigator to include columns with specified data, including active alarms for a specific subsection of the asset tree. Exposing specific properties of assets that might be important to be kept at the top level for quick access.