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Helper Modules

Manage language translations, recipes, scheduling, triggers, global expressions, and more.

Total: ~16 min

Recipes are comprised of collections of data points and the recipes which may be applied to them. They are useful for setting entire batches of properties all with a single click, as well as maintaining multiple possible configurations for those points in a user-accessible format.


Total: ~18 min

Scheduling can be used to help automate tasks within an application, as it allows for full weekly schedules with exceptions. These schedules can be configured in advance or configured in runtime.


Total: ~20 min

Triggers are used as a module to support many other modules, as they can monitor the status of various points, alarms, events, or time based sequences to then be used to invoke other actions within the ICONICS system.


Total: ~10 min

Localization is an approach to making the visualization dashboards you create accessible to a range of users across multiple languages. It allows for dynamic translation of displays and user interfaces to match to the preferred language of the user, and is a standard configurable element of the ICONIC Suite.

Total: ~8 min

The Unified Data Manager is a collection of helpful tools all related to data manipulation and management.


Total: ~34 min

Workflows provide a block-based configuration environment and can be used to build out simple automated processes or complicated expressions which evaluate current scenarios and provide results which may drive other actions.